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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 11, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. thousands of pasngers finally reach land after several days, stuck in awful conditions at sea. we're live from california with passenger reaction. good afternoon. i'm pat lason muse. >> those relieved passengers are sounding off this evening. the carnival cruise ship was towed back to prt after an engine room fire left it stranded at sea with thousands of passengers aboard. >> stephanie joins us live fr san diego where the ship docked around noon today. >> reporter: folk of course disembark for the past three hos. it the first time in four days they've been able to hit dry land. deite all they've been through, surprisingly many are very up beat.
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passengers on the carnival splendor are cheering as the disabled shipulled into san diego harbor thursday morning. >> as i was boarding the ladder to get on board the ship, there were a few passengers out there cheering us on. >> reporter: after four daunting days at sea, cruisers left with nightmares instead of memories of a happy mexican vacation. >> it was deplorable conditions. the food ran out, the to its were overflowing. >> reporter: among the biggest complaints, food or lack of it. >> the food was gross. we waited in line two to three hours fo really bad food. again, they were doing the best they could. >> there was no rerefrigeration so it was basically salad and vegetables. some fruit, warm milk. >> reporter: the ship left long beach on sun for a seven day cruise on the mexican riviera. monday morning fire left the ship disabled without power. >> they did everything to keep evybody okay. >> reporter: passengers are no air conditioning no, hot food and no phone service.
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>> reporter: passengers like ed and his wife said the inconvenience won't keep them from cruising in the future. >> it was wonderful. i enjoyed it. >> a great sense of humor. >> i went to relax and that's what i did. relax. >> reporter: carnival cruise line officials say they are proud of their crew and the passenger for hdling the situation so well under t circumstances. >> there was never a moment where our crew or our guests were in harm's way. it was certainly not a comfortable cruise for anyone. we recognize that. >> reporter: carnival cruise lines isn't sure how many of its passengers will take them up on a free future voyage. the 2-year-old ship will remain out. the ntsb taking part in that investigation. that's the latest live here in san diego. pat and jim, back to you. >> the passengers are going to be compensated whether onot they want a free cruise in the future. what about the crew?
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>> reporter: it is interesting. the ceo was here he told the crew that he was very proud of thwayhey handled the situation. as a result, carnival is putting all the crew members up here in san diego free of charge all exnses paid through the weekend. the company als says it will pay those crew members their full salary and reimburse them for the loss in tips. so the company really doing its best to ma the crew and the passengers happy. >> stephanie stanton live this afternoon in san diego. thanks, stephanie. red light cameras will start turning into green as in dollars for the district tomorrow. police will begin mailing out $75 tickets for getting caught on one of thr red light cameras beginning tomorrow. all three are in northwest d.c. they're at the cone of connecticut avenue and porter street. 14th and k, and thir and new york avenue. up until now, drivers caught on camera at those locations only got a warning. metro inspections have uncovered bad breaks on dozens of escalators around the metro
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il system. the inspections started just a few days ago in response to an accident tt left several people injured at the l'enfant plaza station. megan mcgrath has reaction. >> reporter: after the know at the l'enfant plaza station, metro ordered every escalator be inspected. that work is underway in what inspector are finding has raised concerns about safety. metro riders have long been frustrated by broken escalators like this one at the dupont circle stion. now there is another concern. safety. following the l'enfant plaza station accident, metro ordered the inspection of all escalators. and those inspections have found more widespread problems. disturbing news to folks o use the system. >> it is not working. is not safe. people are afraid to use the escalators. i've actually used the woodley park station on occasion and people line up for the elevator because they don't want to take the escalator there. >> it makes you wonder how
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seriously they take safety. >> reporter: metro has identified faulty brakes and another 147 have been taken out of service for repairs. the general mager says the problems are due to years of poor maintenance and should have been identified and fixed much sooner. riders agree. >> i've seen people slip and fall. i've seen escalators just stop. it is absurd. >> reporter: metro has inspect more than400 of the 588 escalators in thsystem. they hope to complete the work by the end of the week. in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. a mother riding metro got separated from her baby. a good samaritan helped rnite the baby and mother. today we caught one the woman. >> there was no one there to greet us from metro. they knew our train, they had at least five mites. even the station manager. somebody come down and greet us.
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tell us what to do. >> how did this drama play out? hear the whole story coming up in a live report on news4 at 5:. now a salute to veterans day. communities here and across the country are narc veterans day with special get-togethers and good deeds. today nonprofit group a wider circ in silver spring teamed up with area businesses to collect furniture and other essentials for homeless veterans. this afternoon, the goods will be delivered to home of eight. formerly homeless and disabled veterans in southeast washington. >> the words homeless and veteran should never go together. and the homels and any other words should not go together but certainly veteran. it does make us feel extra special that all the things we do every day can today go to people who have allowed us to have the freedoms we have.
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>> veterans were honored with special ceremonies on the national mall day. one was held at the vietnam veterans memorial. folks gathered at the world war ii memorial where there was a special public breath laying honoring the women who served in that war. veterans day which was also known as armistice and remembrance day began in1919 and it marks the end of the first world war. since then, the holiday has turned into a die honor all of the uniformed men and women who have fought, served and given their lives for freedom. michelle franzen has more on the ceremonies taking place around the country and the world. >> reporter: around the country in public ceremonies and private remembrances, americans pay tribute to the armed forces, men and women who have served and sacrifice in the conflicts and war. at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery, vice president joe biden laid a wreath and honored veteran who served in both world wars, the
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korean war and vietnam, and those currentl serving in iraq and afghanistan. >> many of you who gave servic limb and sometimes life fuilling your toeth this nation and to all of us, we owe you. in doing so, you imparted a responsibility a all of us as well. to recognize, to respect, to honor, and to care for these rick their lives so that we can live ours. >> reporter: halfway around the world in south korea, president obama commemorated the day participating in a ceremony and meeting with troops. >> we recall acts of uncommon bravery and selflessness, bute also remember that honoring those who have served is about more than the words we say on veterans day or memorial day.
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it is about how we treat our veterans every single day of the year. >> reporter: in afghanistan, u.s. service members honored the nearly 1,400 american lives lost in this war and those who have served before them. >> four generations of my family have served in the united states military. so first it is a personalthing. and second, don't think that veterans get the respect that they should sometimes. >> reporter: back home, in communities throughout the country, ceremonies and parades mark the day. here in new york city, the oldest and largest veterans day parade nationwide made its way up fifth avenue. of the 20,000 participants, more than 3,000 active du members marched on this veteransay in new york city. reflections of a nation honoring the sacrifices made every day. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> there are an estimated 23
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million u.s. veterans living today. time to get a check of the first forecast. you want the weather? this is the only place to find it at 4:00. >> veronica johnson is here. another nice day out there. >> another one. that's right. and it has been an absolutely remarkable stretch of weather all week long with our highs getting into the low 60s. cloud-free skies and very comfortable during the afternoon. 60s, low 60s today as we said. it has been a fantastic veterans day. we say thank youto all those who served. temperatures at 60 degrees in foggy bottom. 60, great falls and franconia and you folk up north in montgomery county, kensington, you are at 60 degrees. we've got pretty much a light northerly wind across the area running from about six miles per hour to eight miles per ur. down aroundclinton, a few clouds to our nor andto the east. that same low-pressure system still stuck just off the coast
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of new england and the northern mid-atlantic. for us this evening, we'll drop down to about 57 degrees by 5:00. the sun set at 4:59. we'll head 51 drees by 9:00. prably under 50 degrees by miight. so on your fast forecast for us, a pleasant evening. talking about inan summer continuing all week long. we've had our first frost already. the temperatures are running on average about ten degrees above normal. and a pattern change? , yeah. that's coming. so do enjoy the weather we're having this week. i'll talk more about that later. in business news, mortgage rates have been low for several months. well, now they've fallen even farther. the average rate for a 30-year fixed loan sunk to 4.7%. that's the lowest level in decades. thaverage rate on 15-year fixea 3.75%. analystsay thiis due in part
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to the federalal rerve's decision last week to launch a massive bond buying program to help spur the economy. colle tuition rates during the campaign, now it looks like tuition is going up at public universities in maryland. the donor who has just won a second term has said tuition rates can't stay flat forever. during a speech at towson university yesterday, he said he proposed a 3% increase for next year. if he is able to keep to it %er to next four years, the governor said maryld colleges would become more affordable when compared to colleges in other states. five student organizations in george washington university are under investigation today for a variety of accusations. officials at the univeityre not saying exacty accordingo the school student newspaper t g.w. hatchet. but the report, some of the investigations involve hazing.
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the groups are all greek letter organizations. some have been suspended during the investigations which prohibits them from holing membership meetings or events. all fivef the groups under investigation have now en recognized within the past two years for being among the top greek letter chapters atgw. when news4 at 4:00 continues, kanye west is back in the news. >> just pick up. you said it wasn't a race thing. please don't let that happen again. it's ridiculous. >> we'll take a look at what happened during that matt lauer interview this morning that got kanye west steaming mad. >> he is fighting back. also ahead, donavan mcnabb's wife is rarely seen in the public eye but lindsay czarniak recently sat down with her and found out why she is enjoying our area a lot more than philly. plus, the ipad now has two new competitorss we get closer to the holiday season.
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the buzz on the internet is about kanye west's interview on the "today" show. just this week, george w. bush said one othe worst moments of his presidency was when kanye west called him a racist. >> this was something today. this wee kanye tweeted that he was upset with the "today" show after an interview with matt lauer. no one knew why until the interview aired this morning when matt asked kanye about the
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taylor swift incident. you may recall when he jumped on stage and interrupted swift's acceptance speech. take a look at the exchange with matt lauer. >> where i was expressing was my frustration from years and years of seeing, you know -- how am i supposed to talk if you're going to run this thing in the middle while i'mtalking? >> it is under. >> i'm hearing it while i'm trying to talk. >> can you take the sound out of the overheads? just pick up. you said it wasn't a race thing. >> please don't let that happen. that's ridiculous. >> all righty then. we should point out eventually both his swift and bush comments, after them west apologized. it was a big night in country music last night. the cmas, brad paisley won entertainer of the year. and miranda won three awards including album of the year and another highlight, gyneth
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paltrow made her big debut on the country stage. ♪ >> she took an honors slot performing last night at the country music awards right before the final entertainer of the year award. country strong is the na of her new movie which co-stars tim mcgraw. she's good. >> she is. i didn't expect that to come out of her. that's wild. >> i've heard her sing before. i've never heard her country. monday night, washington plays philadelphia. a very meaningful game for donavan mcnabb. >> it sure is. played his entire career in philly before this year. it is not just a big change for him but especially his wife roxy. she met him in college and lindsay czarniak has more of what it's like to be the wife of a superstar and the difference
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living here versus philly. >> reporter: donavan mcnabb is one of the best known football players in the nfl. that means every ve he makes is under the microscope. what about the person who shares that life with the superstar quarterback? roxy mcnabb has been married to donavan for seven years. and whe she's rarely in the spotlight, she shares some of the pressures her husband is under. >> a lot of balance. balance and paence. you just deal with it. if you get caught up in it, thing don't work out too well. i've seen it so many times. you can't get cught up. >> did you ever feellike there were certain things you have to give up when you entered this life sometime with him? >> well, yeah. put it on hold. when he retires, i'll pursue things i want to do. i'm very involved in education.
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that's what i want to do. not necessarily teach but i always want to be in education somewhere. i want to get my ph.d.. that's what i want to do. foogt, you can be somewhere one week, someere the next week. you can't start something and nobe ale to finish it. >> reporter: for 11 seasons in philadelphia, donavan mcnabb was also criticized. he had a love-hate relationship with the eagles fans. this is something they had to deal with regularly but she know it comes with the terriry. >> you can pretty much predict how ey're going to react to things. you just deal with it. you do. i wouldn't say it was a great situation for him because there are thing we could not do herering with do. like going to a restaurant. so it is diffent.
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>> do you see yourself really being happy here for a long time? >> i like it here. i do. it is a nice area. the people areery friendly. they enjoy football. >> they like it sofar. they like their school, the teachers. if the kids are happy then i'm happy. and don likes it. he enjoys it. i can make him to go target now. >> reporter: roxy mcnabb will take the anonymity for now. then it wille her time to shine. in either role, she and donavan are simply enjoying life. >> it is a great time in our life he plays otball. it is a good time. >> i guess they're enjoying being near washington. maybe it depen on the day. >> the today and the week. we're glad to hear it though. >> coming up on news4 this afternoon, comparing the new iphone to the ol iphone. which oneas fewer problems?
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plus, as a couple gets set for there 67th wedding anniversary, they got a special gift. the wedding band they lost decades o. the story in our next half-hour.
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we've got food for families cong up. >> on the 22nd. >> i always worry about that. >> when you're out there all day long. i can tell you this weather is not going to stick around. we're kind of going to start trending toward more cold air. >> figures. >> right. so maybe a cold rain. maybe just cold for you. jim and i wl be there. >> we'll be there in spirit. >> meanwhile today it is great. >> remarkable. i'm calling this indian summer. all you need to do is have the first frost to see temperature ten days above average. we've had that all day long. we'll have it the remainder of the week and the weekend gets better. i have the four-day forecast. couple folks walked by and they went, oh, my gosh. that's right. that's coming up. outside, we've got 60 degrees. the temperature and the dew point, 32 degrees with the wind out of the north at seven miles
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per hour. last year on veterans day, it was wet and windy. we had winds gusting to 30 miles an hour and we picked up nearly an inch of rain. yeah. 60 degrees right now. coming up in a little bit during the next weather hit, i'll tell but the veterans day swstorm from 1987. during order overnight, we'll drop to the mid 40s by 11:00. then 30s, mid 30s low 40s by early tomorrow morning. still, the clear skies sticking around. there is some cold air out there. look at areas from the northern ckies down toward denver, central rockies, 30 degrees, the current temperature getting some snow today. look at the warmth. st. louis, 74. 74, atlanta, georgia. around here what we're going to see the s high pressure hanging on. a low-pressure system off the coast. we won't get our nexttorm system until we get into the beginning of next week. so this high-pressure system, or clear skies for us, and more sunshine. right down the etern seaboard.
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that sunshine just fabulous weather. a little weak system off to the west. that will get hung up. for the most part, it is no until the early part of next week where we'll see more drops of rain falling around here. for us, a great evening. the winds will be light fr zoi 54 degrees. we're heading on down by tomorrow morning. clear skies, bate of a chilly start. 28 to 40. now, i sent the kids off with a jack this morning but they really didn't want the jacket. we warm up so fast, you can get by with the short sleeves. 67 on sunday. there's more sunshine. a 30% chance of rain athe beginning of the week. 63 drees there, pat. then we'll srt cooling off. nx coming up, a whole lot more ahead. a major retailer promises free delivery. >> amazon decides to pull the plug on a controversial book. plus the video game just
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released this week is setting
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welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse.
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the 4,500 passengers and crew are finally getting off the cruise ship. it arrived at a dock in san diego earlier today. the ship was aift for three days and nights with limited food, backed up toilets and dark cabins after ling its power when the engine caught fire. to mark veterans day, president obama participated in a ceremony with u.s. military personnel south korea. and first lady michelle obama surprised a group of soldiers based in germany by jumping in to serve them steaks at a special veterans d meal. tuition is going up at the use of maryland and other public universities in maryland. governor martin o'malley whohas just won his second material a governor says the four-year tuition freeze can't last forever. he proposed a 3% increase for next year. heaid he is hoping the tigs rate hike won't go higher than 3% over the next four years. and disney wasn't the happiest place on earth today. that help ive down wall street. the media giant missed its
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profit estimates. the dow closed down 73 points. 11,283. nasdaq closed down 23 points at 2555. and the s&p 500 was off five points at 1213. today, pulled a self-published every book from its website after the book generated outge from customers. it is a back that offers advice to pedophiles on how to make a sexual encounter with a child as safe as possib. natalie morales has more on the back lash. >> reporter: has all kinds of ebooks on thei kindl website. one in particular is creating a firestorm. the title, the pedophile's guide to love d pleasure. a child lover's code of conduct. on amazon, the author offers a description of his self-published ebook. this is my attempt to make pedophile situations safer for
4:33 pm
those juvenile that's find themselves involved in them by establishing certain rule for these adults to follow. he goes on to sarg hope to achieve this by appealing to the betterçó nature of pempb $dosexuals with mope doing so will resultn liter sentences should they ever be caught. >> it is offensive, it is dangerous and it is on kindle. it is out there to the masses. i'm very upset by it. >> reporter: the ebook available online since late october has created thousands of angry responses, horrifying, disgusting, lost my business, are three of countle customer reviews of the book. and the anger has exploded online. a flurry ofweets on twitter expressing outrage and a growing facebook page dedicated to boycotting amazon just as holiday shopping get into full swin >> they're free to think whatever they want to think about the book. >> reporter: the author who says he himself is not a pedophile dended the book outside his colorado home. >> every time you see them on television, tey're murderers,ñi
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rapists or kidnappers. that's not an accurate present rags of that particular sexuality. >> reporter: amazon has released a stament saying it is censorship not to sell certain books because we or others believe their mesge is okayable and that they support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decision. >>erhaps it is free speech but it shouldn't be so widely marked as it is. >> reporter: that was natalie morales reporting. the petition to have it removed has been more than 13,500 so far. walmart is trying to gain the edgeon its competition by offering free shipping to almost everything bought online. they said they hope to help people save money this holiday season. the free shipping incles big ticket items like electronics. walmart deals run through december 20th. the video game, call of duty, black ops, set a new record in entertainment sales.
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the game's creator says it made a shattering $360 million in its first 24 hours on sales. and so÷dr 5.6 million games. fans acros the country waited in line, many overnight to buy it on tuesday. theñi ione 4 has been criticized mainly by the owners. >> it is according to warranty provider square trade. it estimates the iphone 4 malfunction, only about 2% of the timeçó quickly following its the iphone 3 gs. thenotorola phones. square trade points out accidental damage like dropping your phone accounts for 75% of smart phone failures. that the iphone 4 leads in that category, too. and the fight to unsea the ipad's dominance is on.
4:36 pm
they said the play book tablet will cost less than $500 when it is released next year which would undercut what apple charges for its cheapest one. and the reviews are mostly positive about this. one calls it the ipad's first real rival. the chief selling point seem to the galaxy's lighterweigh it costs about $600. a lot of people want a piece of bernie madoff. now is their chance to get it. hundred of items blong to the convicted swuindler and his wif ruth. it will go to compensate the victim of the multi-billion dollar ponzi scme. artwork suitcases, shoes and books. many contain his initials. the auction will be live and online this saturday. just what you want. a pair of bernie madoff shoes to walk in his. >> yeah.
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there's more to come. another former child tv star is headed for rehab. and añi facebook slap over pictures posted by students at a northern virginia high school while school officials consid
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feeling down? when you walk up to talk to your colleagues, do they sort of just drift away?
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don't deair. i'm pat your pal. with my friend, mike -- crophone, we'll listen. we're hosting a segment call the ten-second soundoff. it a chance to say what's on your mind. so step up to the plate. get it off your chest. we're all ears. at least for ten seconds. the ten-cond soundoff. only on news4. only in the morning. when people are up and bright and snappy. >> i ain't missing that. don't you eat. the ten-second soundoff. 5:00. >> a former child actor from the must not sisters tv show has -- from the munsters has entered rehab. >> butch patrick, according to
4:41 pm
his agent, the formerhild star entered a private rehab in new jersey yterday to deal with a 40-year addiction to drugs and alcohol. patrick is 57 now he moved to the philly area earlier this year after starting a relationship with a woman who was a fan of t munsters back in the '60s. she announced they have split up. when news4 at 4:00 returns, a movie critic we all grew up wi wraps a careerith theñi "today" show. fanatic fans line up for the harry potter flick. plus the newe acting star and she's unique.
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it would have taken more than strong wind gusts and a drivin rain to deter harry potter fans from the premier in london. die-hard fans set up tents and anything they could find for two full days and nights to get a chance to see the stars of the film. warner brothers shrewdly decided to split the seventh and final harry potter book into two film. so after tonight's premier, there's one more left. one fan summed it up when she said, it is he go basically, it forms our lives. >>hat's a diehar the "today" show personality gene shalit is closing up shop
4:45 pm
after a four-decade n. >> he began his "today" show run as a book reviewer 41 years ago. shalit stood out in pop culture because of his distinctive looks and his pun-filled movie reviews. as for his next act, the 85-year-old critic said he will pursue other media related activities. he was not on the "today" show this morning. do you know why? apparently he wasoo humle to attend his own farewell show. >> was a four-star tribute. i must say. japan's latest actress is actually a robot. take a good look. hename is gemoniod f. she is being type cast because e is playing the part of a robot. she played a robot care taker for a dying woman and is controlled by human off stage. >> they she have look pretty really but she is a little stiff. >> just a little.
4:46 pm
coming up at 5:00, the saga continues. clearing up cloudy glasses. and liz crenshaw is back with a follow-up to her story that has spurred unbelievable viewer responses. and feedback. viewers are sharing simple solutions. >> pat and jim, for those of you who remember the cloudy glass, this was jim handly's most disgusting cloudy glass. >> we did the story about a weak and a half ago. and since we did the story, we've gotten advice from viewers. one of our viewers gave us this piece of advice. it gave jim's glass this change. >> it worked. >> it worked, it worked. we got so much response. we have everything from adding stuff to the washing machine to changing to a different product to putting thing in that you would not imagine. i'll mention one word, tang. tonight at 5:00 we'll tell you the viewer solutions to our cloudy glasses problem. >> like the harry potter fan, you have change my life. okay? thank you, liz.
4:47 pm
>> my pleasure. we'll see you at 5:00. we've had a pretty nice fall day. this weather is continuing for the week. >> continuing for the week d even for the weekend. i'm telling folk, this will be a good weekend coming up to get out and do a little bit of raking. and if you want to, just a little bit to keep all that stuff on your lawn under control. remember back, you guys might, back to 1987. that big veterans day snowstorm. that's right. the ceremonies at arlington were in the snow because at reagan national, we picked up will have inches of snow. this to myknowledge was not snow that was in the forecast. this is one of those rogue storms. coming at a time whe weather forecasting tools were not quite as good. the western suburbs picked up between three and five inches. eastern suburbs as much as 17 inches out of that storm. 60 is the temperature in the district. 57, manassas.
4:48 pm
cooler water temperature with the north to nor easterly wind. annapolis and leonardtown are 55 and 54 degrees. if you like the low 50s, they are going to return. now starting wednesday, i think we'll be cooling down mid to upper 50s. but you asked about thanksgiving week. i do think we'll see highs in the low 50s. that pattern, that jet stream just continued to sin southward. turning pretty nippy by thanksving week. 40 to 41 degrees right in the district. the sun is up at 6:47. i'm going to be tuning in to see. >> you have to bundle up out there. >> that's the key. >> 63 by e afternoon. we go from having to stay warm to short sleeves by the afternoon. rain for monday. rain for tuesday and wednesday. >> enjoy it while it lasts. coming up, how a husband got
4:49 pm
his wedding ring back decades later. >> plus, a virginia high school is in the midst of a facebook scandal. ♪ [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose fr. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you.
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♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. and cable doesn't? yes. -i read that. -i do know that. yes, but there's a contract. at verizon, they wanyou to have a two year contract. i've got commitment issues. no one likes to be tied down. [ man ] so if they didn't lock you into a term contract, you'd consider switching? -oh, absolutely. -definitely. it's a no-brainer. [ man ] becae now, , you don't have to sign a term contract. -rlly? -that's terrific!
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-did not know that. -i'm in. [ male announcer ] america spoke, verizon listened. switch to fios today, now with no term contract required. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. a 74-foot tall 12-ton norway spruce is on its way to rockefeller center in new york. crews cut the tree down in a to outside manhattan. the yard, it was cut from belong to a new york city firefighter. a flatbed truck will carrthe
4:52 pm
huge tree into the city. the tree will be erected tomorrow at rockefeller center. the lighting ceremony takes place november th. >> a big tree. >> yeah. a big trunk. >> well, in utah a wedding ring lost for more than40 years ke its way back to the hand where it belongs. >> a story with a happy ending. what is more interesting here, where it had been all along. ck in 1943, noel got the ring from his wife on their wedding day. 20 years laterering lent the ring to his 12-year-old son. his son lost it. >> he became an eagle scout. and whether that was the situation, becausee needed something to wear around his neck, i dot recall. so i said, well, take my wedding ring. and he ended up losing it. >> the ring engraved the couple'snitials wasn't found
4:53 pm
until six years later. a family friend found the ring at their church but they couldn't find the ownerer. it wasn't until this past election day. the old friend bumped into each other while voting and they realized who that ring bonged to they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary two days later. coming up, a controversy oh high school pictures posted the on facook. coming up, a dave remembrance is marred by violence. an exclusive. you'll hear from one of the victim pistol whipped and robbed outside a local american legion hall. a mother and a baby separated by metro. we'll hear from the eyewitness who stepped in to help. more back lash about tho full body scans. a lol man is trying to boycott the airport. and it could impact your thanksgiving travel plans. and liz crenshaw.
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castrol gtx exceeds toughest new industry standard. don't let deposits hold your car back. get castrol gtx. it's more than just oil. it's liquidngineering. a local school is in the midst of an online scandal with pictures and comments of students and teachers so inappropriate. the school system contacted facebook directly to have the
4:57 pm
pages takendown. craig melvin has the rhett of the story. >> the comments were just vulgar andnnecesry and inappropriate. >> reporr: casey williams' principal says the school resource officer will her late last week. >> he said, you won't believe what is on the facebook. he showed me quickly and i said that's terrible. let's get it off right away. >> reporter: the school district officials say dozens of pictures of t t.c. williams students, teachers, even miami herself were gathered from websites and posted on four especially made facebook pages. the culprit who created the pages did not alter the individual pictures but started posting comments. hundreds of students joined in. as school officials tried to figure out who was behind the pages, they found out something else will. >> we understandhere is a rash of these things. we are not th only school who had to deal with it. >> reporter: several students told us about several similar pages involving other high
4:58 pm
school students in the your. the principal made two public announcements to students and sent this letter home to parents. >> this is the kind of thing, you teach parents they need to monitor when what their kids do on facebook. >> reporr: peggy connor ose son attends agrees. >> look at their tech messages from time to time to make sure everything is okay. >> reporter: while she also checks facebook, she is realistic. >> to be on facebook, they hav to have me as their friend. pipg that there are ways they can get around what i can see and what they really do. >> reporter: craig melvin news4. >> facebook took dwn offensive pages but school officials said they're not confident they'll find out who is responsible for creating a them. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right n.
4:59 pm
we have a news 4 exclusive. they were attacked outside a local american legion hall. the victim? three women paying tribute to our veterans. good evening. welcome to news4 at 5:00. i'm wendy rieger. >> pistol whipped and robbed. one of the victim is sharing her story to news4. in hope of findi the suspect. derrick ward is live in brandywine, maryland. >> reporter: you know know they say crime never takes a holiday but neither do tng like bravery, resillance and a sense of the importance of saying thank you to the men and women who have served in the arm forces. all of this playout in brandywine. it was around 8:00 in the morning. and members of the women's auxilliary attached to this american legion post were preparing for the veterans day activities. >> i c


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